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The Newest and The Neatest
Micro-Epsilon Long Range Distance Lasers
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Microscan Auto Vision Software
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Microscan Machine Vision Lighting
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Microscan Vision Hawk Smart Vision Camera
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Micro Controller Unit [ CPU-SB30 Series ]
CPU-SB30 Series are ideal for a general-purpose PC or a controller for a measurement/control/communication device of CONTEC F&eIT Series. These products can be operated by OS such as Windows XP. The measurement/control/communication devices which can be used include digital I/O, analog I/O and serial communication modules.
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wireSENSOR WPS MK-series: Low cost sensor
The miniature draw-wire sensors of the MK series are specially designed for use in high-volume production. Due to the favourable price and the compact size of the sensor, new potential designs and cost optimisation are the benefits to the user.
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Economic laser sensor
optoNCDT 1402 is a laser sensor with integrated, digital signal processor and is designed for displacement, distance and position measurement. The sensor measures distances without contact against a wide variety of material surfaces. It adapts to the measurement task using a swivelling cable connector and RS422. The variable exposure time adapts itself to the measurement object.
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optoNCDT 2401 are confocal displacement sensors for extremely precise applications. The sensors are available in standard and worldwide unique miniaturised design. Confocal sensors measure on many different surfaces with different reflection properties and are used for one-sided thickness measurement.
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Confocal miniature sensors for displacement, position
optoNCDT 2402 are confocal displacement sensors for extremely precise applications. The miniaturised sensors IFS 2402, with only 4 mm outer diameter and titanium case, are used within narrow cavities or drill holes.
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optoNCDT 1302 – Compact low cost laser sensor
The miniaturised optoNCDT 1302 is a low-cost laser sensor for common measuring tasks. The extremely small design facilitates its integration even in areas with limited space. Despite the small dimensions, the 1302 series provides precise measurement results and is suitable for machine integration and automation technology.
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QX-830 Compact Industrial Laser Scanner
• Scans/second: 300 to 1400 • Read Range: 1 to 30” (25 to 762 mm) • Optional Embedded Ethernet TCP/IP & EtherNet/IP • IP65 Enclosure The QX-830 laser scanner combines revolutionary flexible connectivity with high performance decoding capabilities to reliably read 1D barcodes in almost any automation environment. In addition to the Quick Connect System and X-Mode Technology, the QX-830 features IP65 industrial sealing and optional embedded Ethernet protocols. High performance, simple connectivity, and IP65 enclosure make the QX-830 an ideal laser scanner for any industrial application.
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MS-Connect 210 Connectivity Solution with Ethernet
For fast installation and easy maintenance of any Microscan scanner or imager • IP65 rated industrial design • Allows for wiring of backup MS-Q reader • Better organization of cables and wiring on factory floor • Protocol conversion allows connection via Ethernet The MS-Connect 210 simplifies connectivity of Microscan readers in industrial applications. This factory floor ready wiring box features a vivid display, convenient access holes for easy wire routing, and multiple connectivity options including Ethernet protocols. The MS-Connect 210 is the ideal Microscan reader accessory for any users seeking an easy connectivity option.
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MINI Hawk Imager Series
• Decode speed and read range: Varies by model • X-Mode Decoding Technology • Autofocus • Optional USB Connectivity MINI HAWK HR: High resolution imager MINI HAWK HS: High speed imager MINI Hawk imagers pack aggressive direct part mark (DPM) reading algorithms into a miniature imager that is both powerful and easy to use for barcode and 2D track, trace and control applications. Aggressive decoding is ensured through X-Mode technology, which reads damaged or difficult symbols with no configuration or setup required. With high speed and high resolution configurations available, there is a MINI Hawk imager to solve virtually any challenging application.
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SigPOD® Leak
The industry-leading design of SigPOD® Leak optimizes leak testing. It separates the controller and pneumatics so that the compact pneumatics can be placed close to the device under test. The Model 3404 SigPOD® Leak Test Controller can connect and control up to 4 Model 3500 pneumatic Modules simultaneously to test up to four parts. The design incorporates years of customer feedback: no leak test system is easier to maintain. The industry leading packaging combined with best-in-class software and a low cost per channel make SigPOD® Leak a great fit for any leak test application.
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10MSPS, 4 simultaneous-sampling Analog Inputs
Contec Introduces Analog Input Board for PCI (10MSPS, 4 simultaneous-sampling Analog Inputs) Contec AI-1204Z-PCI is ideal for data sampling of testing a high-speed device. It provides a much higher aggregate sampling rate compared to traditional multiplexed data acquisition devices. This product features the sample rate of 10MSPS (100nsec), which is 10 times as fast as the current analog input board AD16-16U(PCI).
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Low cost RS-422A/485 Serial Communication boards
CONTEC Announces Low cost RS-422A/485 Serial Communication boards for PCI These PCI boards were designed for extending RS-422A/485 compatible serial communication functionality on your PC. GCOM-2DL-PCI has two RS-422A/485 communication ports, and GCOM-4DL-PCI has four RS-422A/485 communication ports. These products come with a Windows driver, which allows boards to be used as OS-standard COM ports.
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Ultra Slim fanless BOX-PC BX950 series
This product is a fanless embedded computer (BOX-PC (R)) packaged in a slim chassis of only 25mm height. GPC-BX950T1 series, which have the 1.20GHz ultra low voltage Core (TM) Duo processor, 945GME chip set, and 1GB DDR2 SDRAM memory, achieve a high-speed computing and Accelerated graphics ability. Ultra slim Fanless Dual core Industrial PC
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Clear Silicon Tubing
* Standard wall thickness: 1/16" * For temperatures up to 500° F / 260°C * Reduces or eliminates damage due to weld spatter and high temperatures. * Cuts easily to desired lengths * Powder Coating / E-coating / Plating / Anodizing * Masks studs, pipe ends, cables and sensor ends.
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Extended Range DC - Inductive Proximity Sensors
Increased Sensing Range With a sensing range that exceeds standard proximity sensors by a factor of 150% to 200%, these sensors can be mounted at a safer distance, reducing the risk of breakage.
LEDs Visible from All Directions 4-view LED windows around the barrel of quick-connect models and a highly visible LED built-in to the strain-relief cable connection of our pre-wired models allow for 360° visibility.
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OEM temperature sensors with integrated controller
Best price miniaturised temperature sensors with integrated controller for stationary applications. Details Controller in the sensor or cable Temperature range from -30 °C to +900 °C OEM products for high-volume production
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Universal temperature sensors
The standard sensors of the thermoMETER products. Many applications in all industrial areas. A lot of special versions for even more flexibility. Details Temperature ranges from -50 °C to +1600 °C Sensors for the metal sector Sensors for the glass industry High speed version Also suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Extensive accessories
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Fibre optic pyrometer for hot metals
Measuring ranges (°C): 700 to 1800 Optical resolution 60:1 Spectral range 0.7 to 1.1µm Insensitive to changes of the emission, due to the ratio principle Fibre optics, therefore passive sensor head Single- or two-channel use Resistant to electromagnetic influences Very short acquisition time of 5 ms Insensitive to dust or steam Up to 250°C ambient temperature without cooling Output options: 0/40 - 20mA, 0 - 5/10V, USB, RS232, RS 485, CAN, Profibus DP, Ethernet
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Temperature sensors with laser aiming
The thermoMETER CTlaser sensors are used in industry for precision measurement tasks. Both the laser beams mark the actual measuring spot for any distance. Faulty measurements due to imprecise adjustment are thus avoided.
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Compact thermal imager for industrial applications
Measuring ranges (°C): -20 to 100 | 0 to 250 | 250 to 900 Optical resolution 160x120 Pixel Spectral range 7,5 to 13µm Excellent thermal sensitivity of 0.08K Exchangeable lenses with 9°FOV and 31°FOV Real-time thermography with 100Hz frame rate via USB 2.0 interface Power supply and operation via USB interface Extremely lightweight (250g) and rugged (IP65) Very compact 45x45x62mm Analogue input and output, trigger interface
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Mobile Hawk Highest Performance Handheld DPM Imager
The Mobile Hawk is the world’s highest performance handheld imager and easily reads any challenging direct part marks (DPM), from linear barcodes to 2D symbols. Using advanced technology, the Mobile Hawk combines patent-pending MAXlite illumination with aggressive X-Mode DPM algorithms.
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QX Hawk Flexible Industrial Imager
The QX Hawk is the world’s first imager to be fully integrated with liquid lens technology, enabling infinite focus flexibility. Bridging the gap between ease of use and performance, the QX Hawk features a high resolution modular optical zoom system, aggressive X-Mode decoding, and simple plug and play connectivity.
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HawkEye® 1500 DPM Barcode Reader Series
The HawkEye 1500 Series are high performance fixed-mount direct part mark (DPM) readers in a user-friendly smart camera format. The simple interface, advanced programming controls, and optional built-in symbol quality verification make the HawkEye 1500 a flexible and powerful series of readers. Whether reading printed labels or a challenging low contrast DPM, the HawkEye 1500 Series provide cost-effective reliable reading solutions.
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QX-830 Compact Industrial Laser Scanner
The QX-830 laser scanner combines revolutionary flexible connectivity with high performance decoding capabilities to reliably read 1D barcodes in almost any automation environment. In addition to the Quick Connect System and X-Mode Technology, the QX-830 features IP65 industrial sealing and optional embedded Ethernet protocols.
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Quadrus MINI Velocity
The Quadrus MINI Velocity sets a new standard for high performance mini imagers for data tracking. The ultra-compact imager reads all standard 2D or linear bar codes, plus multiple codes per capture at high speed, with real time autofocus. With easy setup and outstanding read rate performance, the Quadrus MINI Velocity is an ideal solution for virtually all dynamic bar code applications. • Dynamic, high speed reading • Autofocus • Wide field of view • Q-Mode option • Compact shape/size
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Microscan MS-2
The user-friendly MS-2 is a fully packaged CCD reader, offering easy integration and several configurations to meet a variety of needs. Advanced CCD technology is coupled with world-class algorithms to ensure easy and accurate decoding of small, damaged or poorly printed codes. High performance and flexibility make the MS-2 the optimal embedded reader for reading difficult codes. • Compact & Lightweight • Visible Indicators • Versatility • Reading • Capabilities
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Contec I/O boards
Contec is a global supplier of electronics and information related technologies and is currently Asia's largest supplier of I/O Data Acquisition boards and Industrial Micro Computers. Contec's uses the most selective components to meet the highest reliability and consistent delivery standards. Contec offers a more complete product offering than Nation Instruments, in addition to a 20-60% cost savings depending on the I/O board. Contec is a Mathworks and Lab Works Connection Program Partner.
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CONTEC's Newest Box PC - Ideal for Harsh Environments .
CONTEC is pleased to announce the release of its new 800MHz Celeron M® Fan-less Box Computers, featuring extended operating temperatures (-20° to 60° C), and built to withstand up to 5Gs of vibration and 100Gs of shock. These new computers, IPC-BX800-DC400 and IPC-BX800-DC456 are CONTEC’s newest additions to their line of Box computers.
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Micro- Epsilon optris CT » Precise noncontact temperature measurement:
Range: -40 to 900°C 20:1 optics 4..20mA, 0..10V and TC J/K head temp.: -40..180C 150ms response time
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Micro- Epsilon optris MiniSight Series and LaserSight
Fast intelligent multi functional hand held IR thermometers with precision glass optics. Patented real target sighting and digital interface capability.
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New small fast thru-beam analog Laser Ribbon
Introducing new and better choices in the classic
small laser edge/size monitor format.
Six sizes from 2mm to 30mm, speed to 100kHz,
straight and 90-degree models
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Microscan's Quadrus MINI 2D Imager New
The Quadrus MINI is the world’s smallest high resolution imager
and the first to offer true auto focus for ultimate flexibility
in factory automation and electronics product identification.
NEW NEW -- Now available in USB plug-in-and-go
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Microscan's Quadrus Verifier
Quadrus Verifier™ is an ISO/IEC 15415 and AS9132A-compliant
Data Matrix verifier for use in production environments.
It is an ISO/IEC 15426-2 certified Data Matrix verifier,
ensuring that your marks will be verified accurately every time
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