MTE Corp... Industry Leader in Inductive and L/C AC Power Quality Products

Comprehensive Range of Inductive and LC Filters, Line Reactors, Chokes & Surge Arrestors, IEEE 519 Filters up to 482 Amps. Quality Products, Serious in-house Test Facility, Comprehensive Expertise with Harmonics, Power Factor, Distortion Standards.

Pressure Measurement

Impress offers a wide variety of pressure sensors, switches, transducer and transmitters in a variety of formats and suitable for a wide range of applications. We have a range of products that are certified and approved for applications where ATEX is a statutory requirement.


R&W... German Quality, Cost Effective Motor Couplings

Torque-Limiting Safety Couplings, Single-Piece or Press-Fit Design; Bellow Couplings in Single Piece or Blind Mate Design; Elastomer Press Fit Couplings, Backlash Free Design; Specialized Linear Couplings For Zero Axial Backlash


Sciemetric Advantage:

Sciemetric's Process Signature Verification technology is proven to provide the most accurate process monitoring and defect detection by measuring hundreds of parameters and catching anomalies other options would miss. Using PSV you can: • Continuously improve quality • Increase yield to optimize thoughput • Reduce the impact of recalls • Easily demonstrate proof of compliance • Eliminate subjective quality tests


Stober… The Highest Quality Gear Reducers with Standard 3 & 5 year warranty!

Concentric Helical, Offset Helical, Right Angle Helical/Bevel, Right Angle Worm.All are available with ComTrac Adjustable Speed Hand Crank Drives.


Your OEM Source for Motors, Gear Boxes, Cable Harness, PCB’s

Source Engineering…. A global Manufacturer of Stepper, Brushless, DC Brush, AC, Planetary Gearheads, Spur, and Worm. Optical Encoders, Cooling Fans, Cable Harness, PCB Assemblies.


Leine & Linde is a market leading supplier of encoders for robust industrial applications, where application knowledge, customization ability and quality in deliveries mean an added value for the customer.

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