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Bar Code Scanners, 2D Code Imagers, Verifiers
Auto ID Barcode Readers   Auto ID 2D Readers and Verifiers  
Auto ID Handheld Barcode Scanners and Imagers   Auto ID Software and Connectivity  
Auto ID Accessories  

Auto ID Barcode Readers

From small products for embedded OEM applications to rugged barcode readers for industrial use, Microscan offers a wide range of quality products to read linear barcodes and stacked symbols, with features such as high speed reading, wide field of view, symbol reconstruction, and aggressive decoding technology.

1D Barcodes


Smallest fully decoded scan engine in its class.
MS-2 Ultra-Compact CCD Reader Thumbnail
Compact CCD reader is available in several configurations to meet a variety of needs.
MS-3 Compact Laser Barcode Scanner Thumbnail
Compact laser scanner offers high performance decoding and wide scan angle.
MS-9 smallMS-9 High Speed Barcode Scanner Thumbnail
Laser scanner offers ultra-fast decode performance.

QX-830 Compact Industrial Laser Scanner Thumbnail
Compact laser scanner features QX Platform, symbol reconstruction, and optional embedded Ethernet protocols.
QX-870 Industrial Raster Laser Scanner Thumbnail
Laser scanner with QX Platform, intelligent sweeping raster and symbol reconstruction.
MS_890 small
Heavy duty laser scanner with extended read range, auto focus and sweeping raster.

Microscan Industrial Scanners    

Auto ID 2D Barcode Readers and Verifiers

From small products for embedded OEM applications to rugged readers for industrial use, Microscan offers a wide range of quality products to read linear barcodes and stacked symbols, with features such as high speed reading, wide field of view, symbol reconstruction, and aggressive decoding technology including the most challenging direct part marks (DPM).

Our Auto ID product line includes verifiers featuring the latest technology for verifying symbol quality. Symbol verification ensures only the highest quality marks enter the supply chain, to help guarantee successful traceability implementation.

2D Symbols

(Direct Part Marks)


Ideal imager for OEM design engineers who need to read 2D symbols in tight spaces with 100% data integrity.
Quadrus® MINI Imagers Series Thumbnail
Miniature imager series with wide field of view and real time autofocus. ESD-safe and three megapixel configurations are available.
Quadrus® MINI Velocity Imager Thumbnail
High speed miniature imager with dynamic real time autofocus.
MINI Hawk Imager Series Thumbnail
Miniature imager with X-Mode featuring easy plug and play setup and reliable decoding of challenging direct part marks. High speed and high resolution configurations are available.
Quadrus® EZ Smart Camera Thumbnail
Exceptionally easy to use smart camera available in multiple focal distances.
HawkEye® 1500 DPM Barcode Reader Series Thumbnail
Flexible and Powerful Series of Direct Part Mark Barcode Readers with Optional Built-In Verification.
World's first imager with fully integrated liquid lens technology, enabling infinite focus flexibility.
Quadrus Verifier small
Factory floor ready verifier for general verification needs.
Designed to analyze and verify Data Matrix symbols that are directly marked by dot peen, laser etch and chemical etch.
Designed specifically for verifying UID Data Matrix markings on labels and data plates

Microscan 2D Imagers and Data Matrix Verifier    

Auto ID Handheld Barcode Scanners and Imagers

Our Auto ID products include handheld 2D barcode scanners and imagers featuring the latest technology for decoding symbols. Handheld readers are ideal for any track, trace, or control application.

Download the
Handheld Barcode Reader Series product comparison chart.

NEW! Mobile Hawk DPM Imager

Best in class decoding and advanced lighting to reliably read the most challenging direct part marks with only one touch.
Mobile Hawk DPM Imager
Hawkeye 45T Imager
Includes an integrated screen to display decode data and allow easy configuration.
HawkEye 45T Handheld Imager with Integrated Display
MS-Q Quadrus Imager
Decoding capabilities include high density linear and 2D symbols, including simple direct part marks.
MS-Q Quadrus Handheld Imager
MS-Q Basic Imager
Designed for reading linear and 2D symbols with a wireless Bluetooth interface option.
MS-Q Basic Handheld Imager
HS-2D Imager
Economical choice for reading linear and high contrast 2D symbols.
HS-2D Handheld Imager
HS-1 Linear CCD Reader
Low cost linear barcode reader.
HS-1 Handheld Barcode Reader


Auto ID Handheld Barcode Scanners and Imagers

HS-1 Handheld Barcode Reader Thumbnail
Low cost handheld barcode reader for reliable decode of linear barcodes. Built to withstand multiple drops.
HS-2D Handheld Imager Thumbnail
Economical 2D handheld reader for decoding both linear barcodes and 2D symbols.
Multipurpose handheld imager solution for decoding linear barcodes and 2D symbols.
MS-Q Quadrus small
Decoding capabilities include high density linear and 2D symbols.
Ideal for aggressive decoding of linear and 2D symbols.
High performance industrial imager includes an integrated screen to display decode data and allow easy configuration.
Aggressive decoding and advanced lighting for reading the most challenging direct part marks.

Microscan OEM/Embedded Bar Code Scanners    

Auto ID Software and Connectivity

Microscan provides efficient connectivity solutions and communication tools for use with any Microscan Auto ID product.

Barcode reading system for all standard linear barcodes, 2D symbols, and OCR (text recognition).
DMx Verifier+ software is a Data Matrix verification system that supplies data on symbol quality.
ESP small
A powerful software application that provides quick and easy setup of Microscan’s complete line of bar code scanners and imagers.
Provides easy management of symbol images captured by Microscan imager products.
MS-Connect 210 small
Simplifies connectivity of Microscan readers in industrial applications.
MS-Connect 5100 small
Serves as a data collector and manager for automatic ID networks with Microscan readers.

Auto ID Accessories

For Specification Sheets, please visit our Download Center.

The QX-1 interface device is a powerful accessory to complement and simplify installation of QX Platform products. Featuring the Quick Connect system with M12 Ultra-Lock connectors, and IP65 industrial sealing, the QX-1 device distributes power, communications, and I/O.


The IB-131 interface box simplifies scanner connection for the MS-9 scanner by providing a direct 10-28V connection to the host, power supply, and external triggering device. The IB-131 may be used in single drop, multidrop, or daisy chain configurations.


IB-150 Series
The IB-150 series devices simplify connectivity and wiring in configurations requiring the Quadrus EZ®. Devices include:
IB-150: links Quadrus EZ to the host, power supply, trigger and aux port
IB-151: standard Ethernet (RJ-45) and USB (USB-B) connectivity enabled
IB-152: custom terminal strip wiring options

IB-3 Series
The IB-3 series devices simplify connectivity in configurations requiring the MS-3, MS-4 or Quadrus MINI series. Devices include:
IB-3 PC: keyboard wedge and serial interconnect device
IC3-USB: USB is enabled, 5 VDC provided, no separate power supply required
IC-332: connect point for IB-131, 5 VDC provided, and provides optoisolation

Power Packs
Microscan Power Packs are used to power Microscan equipment. The Power Packs are available in different configurations.

Object Detector
The Object Detector kit includes an infrared photo detector complete with cable, connector, mounting bracket and screws. When installed and connected to a Microscan reader, it is used to detect objects within its range and send triggers that initiate read cycles.

Mounting Arm
The mounting arm is made of marine-grade powder-coated aluminum. The ball (which forms the joint) is made of injection-molded rubber and grips the mount firmly in place, minimizing any movement or vibration of the reader. Mounting arms can be rotated into almost any direction to allow flexible positioning of your bar code reader.

Mounting Plates
Mounting plates are designed for the easy attachment of readers into your application. The mounting plates are a flat attachment with pre-drilled holes that align with specified readers. Mounting plate kits include required mounting hardware.

Right Angle Mirrors
Right Angle Mirrors are available for many Microscan readers. This accessory is useful where alternative mounting is necessary, particularly in tight places and where a wider scan width or field of view is required at shorter ranges.

MS-Q Charger
Microscan offers a charger accessory for use with the MS-Q handheld imagers. The charger can be either wall or bench top mounted, and can also house the Bluetooth modem. Complete charge time is approximately 3 to 6 hours, depending on the MS-Q imager model.

MS-Q Protective Jackets
Protective Jackets, for MS-Q handheld imagers, are designed for rugged industrial applications. They provide cost-effective protection of your MS-Q imagers by tripling the drop shock protection.
Provides inexpensive insurance in any rugged application
3X improvement in MS-Q’s drop-shock protection
Over-hanging front shields the LEDs and optics


DeviceNet 120
DeviceNet is a communication protocol used in the automation industry as a quick and economical way to network a variety of devices. The DN-120 interface box easily connects any scanner or reader to a DeviceNet network.

IB-890 Interface Box
The IB-890 Interface Box is an optional wiring accessory for the MS-890 scanner. The interface box is easy to wire, and makes switching scanners on the line as easy as removing only 4 standard screws. Using the IB-890 allows external devices such as light stacks, hand held readers or stop-line devices, to be connected and controlled by the scanner.

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