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Sensor Mounts
Softnoze Cushioned Sensor Mounts   Softnoze Articulating Brackets  
Softnoze Block Mounting System (BMS)   Softnoze Block Mount  
Softnoze Sensor Mounting Systems   Softnoze Flat and Angled Brackets  
Softnoze Limit Switches Mounts   Softnoze Sight Glass  
Softnoze Quick Mounts  
Spring-loaded sensor protection for tubular style proximity sensors. Speed up installation, setup and protect against future accidental over-travel damage, replacement expense and downtime. Most models include an abrasion-resistant plastic cap.
Soft-Noze Cushioned Sensor Mounts    

Flexible aiming for ultrasonic and photoelectric sensors. AUB brackets provide secure mounting and flexible aiming in one or two directions.
Soft-Noze Articulating Brackets    

The Block Mounting System (BMS) consists of clamp-style blocks and components for attaching standard tubular controls and accessories, as well as 40mm cube-style proxes to machine frames.
Block Mounting System( BMS)    

Select from metal or plastic, threaded or slotted. Slotted types clamp-down to secure sensor via one of the mounting fasteners and allow easy adjustment. More rugged mounting is accomplished using a metal, threaded, mount.
Block Mount    

"Sensor Mounting System" are the ultimate in sensor positioning flexibility. The SMS system creates a superior structure to which virtually any sensor, or multiple sensors, can be mounted and aimed. Slash labor costs and fabrication time while you achieve unmatched rigidity and versatility. Virtually any sensor can be mounted in any configuration required. When things change, all components are usable as well.
Sensor Mounting Systems    
Sensor Mounting Systems    

Select multi-slotted FRAB models for maximum sensor adjustment without shimming or machinery modifications, or specify FB type brackets that limit adjustment potential.
Flat and Angled Brackets    

For easier setup and future adjustments install limit switch style devices using these helpful brackets. It's easier to adjust your switch with these brackets instead of modifying your equipment.
Limit Switches Mounts    

Quickly attach tubular proximity sensors to glass and plastic tubes for level detection. Often used in pairs to detect absence or presence of liquids to activate pumps and drains in process control applications.
Sight Glass    

Products that allow quick installation and remove of tubular proximity sensors by eliminating one or both of the sensor's mounting nuts. Quick mount products also maintain the original sensing gap during change out so sensing gap doesn't need to be recalibrated.
Quick Mounts    

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