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Non Contact Measurement & Analog Sensors
Eddy Current   Laser Displacment Sensors  
Laser Micrometers   2D/3D profile sensors ( Scanner)  
Capacitive Distance Measurement Sensors  
Non-contact displacement sensors using eddy current technology measure distances, displacements, or positions of any electrically-conductive target. These targets may have either ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic properties.
Due to the high insensitivity to oil, dirt, dust, moisture, interference fields, etc. the eddy current principle is ideally suited to applications in harsh industrial environments. Readily embedded into machines (spindle growth).

Micro-Epsilon offers the only true integrated real-time
temperature compensation at the sensor head.
Submicron repeatability is no problem.

Micro-Epsilon     Micro-Epsilon Eddy Current Comparison
Eddy Current Measurement Sensors    

The non-contact laser displacement sensors use various optical measuring principles for meausurement of displacement, distance and position. The confocal sensors are designed for high-resolution measurements, the laser-triangulation sensors are designed for precise measurements in industrial applications and the time-of-flight sensors are designed for huge measuring distances.
Micro-Epsilon     Why we like Micro-Epsilon
Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensors    

optoCONTROL 2500 and 2600 are laser-based measurement systems with an integral high resolution CCD camera for the measurement of dimension. The high sampling rate, outstanding accuracy and excellent resolution, in conjunction with a value based system price, define a new level of performance for non-contact inspection. We invite you to compare these sturdy and stable instruments with any other gauges of their type.

The new optoCONTROL 1200 joins the many small analog through-beam edge- and size- sensors on the market, with superior performance: Very high speed, a great range of sizes from which to choose, and optional right-angle construction. We are testing it in our lab now -- results soon!

Laser Micrometers    

The laser-line profile sensor, scanCONTROL 2800, makes use of the triangulation principle for two-dimensional acquisition of profiles on a variety of different target surfaces. In contrast to familiar point laser sensors, a line optical system projects a laser line onto the surface of the object to be measured. The back scattered light from the laser line is registered on a CMOS array by a high quality optical system. Along with distance information (z-axis), the controller also calculates the true position along the laser line (x-axis) from the camera image and outputs both values in the sensor's two-dimensional coordinate system. A moving object or a scanning sensor will generate a three-dimensional representation of the object
Micro-Epsilon Line Laser    
Laser Scanner Models    

Capacitive Distance Sensor Specifications    

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