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Defect Detection, Analysis &Traceability
SigPOD   300 Series Test System  
3300 Leak Test System   3600 HVAC Test System  
Engine In-Process Test (IPT) Suite  

The best technology to control and monitor manufacturing processes

SigPOD® is an in-station process monitoring platform that uses advanced signature analysis to track manufacturing processes, deliver real-time pass/fail feedback and provide the most advanced defect detection. The flexible hardware platform is now available in models from 2 to 8 channels and is available for a range of manufacturing test and monitoring applications.
Download the product brochure at the bottom of this page for more information and specifications.


sigPOD labeled

Best-in-class software and out of the box fucntionality, SigPOD® is powered by the industry's most advanced, yet easy to use software.

  • Set up a SigPOD® in minutes with the configuration Wizard,
  • Screens tailored for different users: engineers, supervisors and operators,
  • SPC for limit management that uses production statistics to calculate optimal test limits, and
  • No programming required!

A range of out-of-the-box software loads are available for specific applications:

  • Press-fit monitoring
  • Torque testing
  • Sound and vibration analysis
  • Medical device manufacturing (21 CFR Part 11 compliance)
  • PSV - Process Signature Verification, user-configurable

Contact us for other applications.

Standardize testing across the plant

The common hardware and software look and feel across applications simplifies operator training and reduces the required stock of spare parts. Learn more about the SigPOD® by downloading the product brochure.


SigPOD Banner


Detect even the Smallest Defects

The 300 Series is an economical and powerful solution for industrial in-process and end-of-line testing, process monitoring, and quality verification on manufacturing and assembly lines.

Based on Sciemetric's proven and reliable quality measurement and control technology, the 300 Series is designed for continuous operation in production environments.

Detect even the smallest defects

Advanced defect detection is delivered using Sciemetric's unique signature analysis software, which supports test sequencing, data acquisition, waveform analysis, PASS/FAIL reporting, data storage, and Programmable Logic Controller communications (PLC).

300 series

Ideal for Testing Part Assemblies & Large QC Applications

Use the 300 Series for testing part assemblies and for process monitoring applications of 4 or more analog channels. (For 1 to 4 channels, use SigPOD®.) Based on an Intel® CPU, the 300 Series has built-in signal conditioning, an A/D converter for sensor measurements, relays for digital I/O control, a large data storage drive, extensive internal sensor power supply options and powerful application software for test development.

To learn more about how the 300 Series can be tailored for your application, download the brochure and specifications below.


Advanced Leak Test Solutions-Reliable, Accurate, Repeatable3300 Leak

Sciemetric's 3300 Leak Test System outperforms conventional leak test systems by decreasing test cycle time and detecting manufacturing defects other systems cannot find. One of the most advanced testing tools on the market today, yet easy to setup and use, the 3300 is a proven leak detection system with a solid reputation for:

  • Improving gage repeatability & reproducibility (gage R&R)
  • Improving the quality of shipped parts
  • Decreasing cycle time
  • Increasing productivity by minimizing false rejects

Reduced Cycle Times, Increased Accuracy and better Gage R&R

Traditional leak test systems rely on minimal data capture or predictive analysis to evaluate the quality of a cavity. Although this method reduces cycle time, it typically sacrifices the reliability and repeatability of results.
Sciemetric's 3300 Leak Test System instead relies on advances in fill and pressure control technology to decrease test cycle time. The technology uses closed loop pressure control to fill and maintain pressure in the cavity.

Signature Analysis Provides Superior Process Insight

Unlike other leak test systems, the 3300 Series uses Sciemetric's advanced Signature Analysis techniques to capture and analyze the entire leak test waveform in real-time. Using all the data points on the curve leads to increased accuracy and better Gage R&R for both pressure decay and mass flow leak testing. The system also automatically identifies and learns the key elements of the leak test. The values from these key elements are compared against acceptable limits to determine pass or fail status.

  • Fast Results: The 3300 Leak test system allows manufacturers to achieve reliable and repeatable results in a fraction of the time traditional leak detection methods require.
  • Reliable Results: Sciemetric's proprietary signature analysis technology finds defects that other leak test systems can not find. Fewer false accepts leads to improved quality for manufacturers, while the ability to minimize false rejects improves manufacturer efficiency and yield.
  • Lower overall cost than most competitive systems

Defects Detected with 3300 Leak Test System

  • Blockage in part under test
  • Gross leaks
  • Fine leaks, cracks in seals
  • Gross defects, missing part, wrong part, crimped lines
  • Rolled seals, rolled O-rings
  • No part in place

The system can be further configured to detect other defects. For one or two channel leak tests, take a look at SigLEAK®. To see the 3300 at work, click here to view our application notes.


Signature Analysis for Dramatically Improved HVAC Testing

Sciemetric's 3600 HVAC Test System dramatically improves automotive HVAC production quality. One of the most practical and cost-efficient HVAC testing tools on the market, the 3600 System detects defects that are often overlooked by other testing techniques. Known for its rapid cycle time and consistent performance, the 3600 is a proven system that helps automotive HVAC manufacturers:

  • Ensure that only quality automotive HVAC units get shipped
  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Reduce HVAC warranty claims and charge backs

Reduce Warranty Recalls & Charge-Backs

Traditional HVAC testing systems produce inconsistent results and often fail to detect a high percentage of defects. These out of spec HVAC defects are usually discovered later at automotive assembly plants or - even worse- by the consumer. Because most defective HVAC systems can only be serviced by removing the entire dashboard, repairing units at this late stage is a very expensive and time-consuming process. Undetected defects can seriously undermine both productivity and profitability, forcing HVAC manufacturers to absorb massive warranty chargebacks and re-test thousands of quarantined HVAC units.

Detect Even Minute Defects in Real Time

Our unique 3600 System eliminates these quality deficiencies by using signature analysis algorithms to detect even the smallest defects in production. Defects such as improper wiring, blower motor imbalance, airflow blockages and malfunctioning actuators, are easily identified in real time, right on the factory floor. Our leading-edge technology also interfaces directly with the OEM head control unit, simulating actual operating conditions.

A comprehensive and complete testing solution, the 3600 consistently delivers objective, verifiable evaluations of HVAC system quality ensuring that each and every unit is shipped according to customer specifications.

To learn more about our experience in HVAC applications, click here.

In-process test solutions for engine assembly

Sciemetric's Engine In-Process Test (IPT) solutions are designed to maximize the productivity and quality of engine manufacturing.

Sciemetric's suite of off-the-shelf test systems for in-process testing of engines includes the following systems:

  • Short Block Crank Torque to Turn
  • Short Block Verification
  • Oil Cavity and Coolant Cavity Leak Test
  • Long Block Verification
  • Cold Test

To see how in-process testing works across the engine assembly process, download the Engine IPT blueprint. You can also request your poster-sized copy by
clicking here. Review the application notes below for examples of these systems.

Sciemetric's Engine IPT solutions enable engine manufacturers to find defects early in the engine assembly process. This results in the following benefits for engine manufacturers:

1. Improve quality and reduce warranty costs over Engine Hot Tests
Sciemetric IPT solutions can find engine defects in early assembly stages can not be detected by hot test methods. Engine defects that escape undetected from hot test can later manifest themselves as costly warranty claims.

2. Reduce hot test costs
Implementing Sciemetric Engine IPT solutions allow engine manufactueres to reduce and/or eliminate engine hot test stations.

3. Reduce repair costs
Sciemetric's Engine IPT solutions can identify defects at the point of introduction. This early detection enhances root cause understanding and minimizes repair time and effort.

4. Reduce wasted cycle time and improve yield
Engines with defects are stopped from proceeding through the manufacturing process before even undergoing hot test. The ability to remove defective engines as early as possible improves manufacturing efficiency.

Download the datasheets below for details and specifications, or, click here to see Engine IPT at work.

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