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Photoelectric Sensors   Encoders  
Inductive Sensors   Capacitive Sensors  
Pressure Sensors   String pot ( Draw Wire) Sensors  
Temperature Measurement Sensors   Level Measurement Sensors  
Our photoelectric sensors offer you a high-quality, low-cost alternative to other suppliers of industrial sensors.
Photo Electric Sensors    

Heidenhain High Precision Angle,Rotary,& Linear Encoders
Heidenhain Encoders    

Proximity Sensors with Life Time Warranty
Prox Sensors    

The capacitance sensor is designed to measure triaxial force based on changes in capacitance between electrodes. The structure is simple and allows high design freedom in that the sensor ensures optimal designing according to needs. Note that the sensor is small, light and reasonably priced.
Capacitance Sensors    

Pressure sensors in metal thin-film strain gauge technology meet the highest demands. These products excel through outstanding measuring accuracy, temperature stability, reliability, reproducibility, robustness and media compatibility.
Impress Pressure Sensors    

Draw-wire displacement sensors are essentially electronic tape measures and measure the linear movement of a component by means of a wire made from highly-flexible stainless steel strands, which is wound onto a drum by a long-life spring motor. The measuring drum is axially-coupled with a multi-turn potentiometer, an incremental encoder, or an absolute encoder. With the draw-wire principle a linear movement is transformed into a rotary movement and converted into a resistance change or into countable increments.
Micro-Epsilon Draw Wire Sensors    

Simple temperature elements, assemblies, thermowells and probes through to complex non-contact temperature pyrometers. IR Temperature Sensors & Thermal Imaging Camera's
Micro-Epsilon IR Temperature Sensors & Thermal Imaging    
IMPRESS Temperature Measurement Sensors    

Technologies ranging from submersible hydrostatic probes through to technologically advance Ultrasonic and Radar for a multitude of applications
IMPRESS Level Measurement Sensors    

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