Baroli 02

Battery Powered Digital Pressure Gauge with Rotatable Housing


The Baroli 02 battery powered pressure gauge has a rugged design with a stainless steel rotatable display housing and high overpressure protection.

The display features include;  a 2-  line LC Display, 4.5 digit 7 segment display, and rotatable housing and an optional 6-digit 14-segment display. 

Benefits include; multiple pressure unit settings, min/max function w reset, offset and end point calibration and auto off switch configuration.

Pressure Range

0 - 600bar


0.125% FSO BFSL

accuracy according to IEC 607770 – minimum value setting (non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)


Media: -20 - 85 °C

Environment: 0 - 70 °C

Storage: -20 - 85 °C

Power Supply

3.6 V Lithium battery; 2 piece (type 1/2 AA)



Wetted Parts

Pressure Port: stainless steel 

Housing: stainless steel

Diaphragm: stainless steel  

Seals: FKM


LC display, visible range 40 x 30 mm; 4.5-digit 7-segment-display, digit height 11 mm, range of indication ±19999; 6-digit 14-segment additional display, digit height 7.5 mm

Housing:  PA 6.6, polycarbonate

Protection Class

IP 65




Application Examples