Stainless Steel Ultra High Pressure Transmitter


DMP 304 Stainless Steel Industrial pressure transmitter is the work horse of pressure sensors for ultra-high pressure applications. Designed with an emphasis on precision and reliability, the DMP 304 with a stainless steel diaphragm can be used in ATEX IS-required areas and under extreme conditions. A modular construction allows for different combinations of process connections, outputs and electrical connections. The DMP 304 has an ATEX IS option and an accuracy of  0.25%.

Pressure Range

0 - 6,000bar


2000. . .6000bar


4 … 20 mA / 2-wire

0 … 10 V / 3-wire


standard 0.5%

option 0.25%

Electrical Connection

Male and female plug ISO 4400

Male plug Binder series 723 (5-pin)

Cable outlet with PVC-cable

Cable outlet

Male plug M12x1 (4-pin) / metal

MIL-/Bendix (Typ PT 02A 10-6P)

Mechanical Connection

9/16" UNF internal thread

M16x1.5 internal thread

M20x1.5 internal thread

Wetted Parts

Pressure port: Stainless steel 316L,

Housing: Stainless Steel

Diaphragm: Ceramic 96%

Seals: FKM




Open port

Pressure port 9/16" UNF



Application Examples

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