Submersible Stainless Steel Level Transmitter


For continuous submersion performance and stability of liquid measurement and level control the IMTG Submersible Tank Gauging Level Transmitter is an excellent choice. The stainless-steel housing and diaphragm is ideal for small tank measurement and level control from O to 10mH²O. It is optimal where conventional switch and sensor methods fail. The IMTG offers a choice of cable materials (PVC, PUR, FEP or TPE) to ensure submersible performance in a wide variety of liquids including fuels, oils and water environments.

Pressure Range

0 - 10mH²O


mV/V / 4-wire

4 - 20mA / 2-wire

0.5 to 4.5V / 3-wire (ratiometric)

0.5 to 4.5V / 3-wire (non-ratiometric)



Electrical Connection

Cable with sheath material:

Vented PVC

Vented PUR

Vented FEP

Mechanical Connection


Wetted Parts

Housing: Stainless Steel 316L, Delrin, PVDF

Diaphragm:  Stainless Steel 316L

Seals: Viton


0.25% Accuracy

Customized options available upon request


Application Examples

We have several diesel tanks and need to check the level every day or two. Currently we have staff walk around and write down the level on paper but we have the ability to connect a .5 - 4.5 ratiometric sensor to our controller. Do you have a senor that will work with diesel and has the ratiometric output?

Yes, our IMTG Tank Monitoring Sensor is available with a ratiometric output and is compatible with the diesel fuel. We would recommend using an FEP cable with the sensor because of the additives (DEF) that are sometimes put into the diesel fuel